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VR/AR Platform for experiential shopping


Obsess is a platform that enables brands and retailers to create discovery-driven, branded, immersive shopping experiences.


Immersive shopping experiences created with Obsess work across all your channels:










We offer the following 3 types of experiences currently supported by our platform. Some example use cases for each format are listed below. 


Shoppable 360 scenes 

Look all around inside a scene


  • Create a VR catalog or a VR lookbook so customers can experience a collection immersively and interactively shop it
  • Transport the customer to exotic locations eg. to a beach while shopping swimwear



Shoppable 360 Spaces

Move around and explore a 3D space


  • Let customers shop your physical store from anywhere
  • Create a custom-designed digital store eg. based on the inspiration behind the current collection
  • Show products in contextual environments eg. home products in a house



  Shoppable 360 video

Feel immersed inside a video


  • Let customers experience your runway show from the front row without being there or take them backstage
  • Let customers step inside your latest campaign and interactively shop it


All experience types offer the following features:

  • Select products from the environment and get information about them
  • See additional content about anything in the environment in the form of text, images, videos, carousels 
  • See products in 3D, rotate them, zoom in
  • Save products you like and purchase
  • Gaze tracking to automatically trigger information
  • Analytics on all user interactions 

customer stories

Obsess powered the first-ever cross-channel VR shopping experience for Vera Bradley

The VR experience for Vera Bradley's new home collection is available in stores around the US, and on 

View web 360 experience →

Obsess technology powered the first all-virtual interactive fashion show at New York Fashion Week

In collaboration with Samsung and FTL Moda, Obsess created an interactive runway experience for 5 designers.

Watch video of VR experience →

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event image 2.jpg
event image3.jpg



We are obsessed with using cutting-edge technology to create outstanding user experiences. Our team consists of experienced VR/AR engineers and 3D designers. We have prior engineering and product experience at Google, Vogue and e-commerce startups. We believe that VR will become the most fun and addictive medium for shopping.

We are based in New York City. Contact Us if you are interested in learning more about Obsess.